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NO BS Startup Ignition Toolkit

  • Spend time growing your startup and learning about your customers, instead of endlessly scouring the internet.
  • Save valuable $$ dollars wasted on charlatans, generic advice & SEO fluff.
  • Have a clear step-by-step action plan for each stage of your startup journey. (Pre-Launch, Launch, Growth & Scaling)
  • Take advantage of the best-in-class tools, newsletters & resources.
  • Impress the crap out of investors & raise funding to accelerate your startup’s growth.
  • …and a buuunch more.

Product-Hunt Special

Save 1000s of Hours of Research & 100s of $$ wasted on BS advice.

For starters...

Grow your business with these 500+ handpicked tools and resources for digital entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we are consistently looking for ways to improve our business and streamline our workflow.

This curated list of software and resources covers everything from AI tools and productivity apps to social media management tools.

For the First Course...

The Ultimate No BS Checklist for Startups

The lite version of the Ultimate NO BS startup guide will ignite your:

  • Ideation: How to come up with rock-solid startup ideas.
  • Pre-Launch: Hypothesis & Validation
  • Launch:
    • Building your Product and Website
    • Getting Users
  • Post Launch: 
    • Staying true to customers’ needs
    • Finding Investors
    • Marketing Strategy

For the Second Course...

Tools and Resources you need to Secure Funding for your Startup

Stop wasting time on dead-end funding opportunities!

Discover and Identify the most effective funding options for your startup with this FREE Checklist!

Learn how to: 

  1. Create Pitch Decks
  2. Find Investors, VCs, and Accelerators. 
  3. Outreach Strategies that work

And finally for the Dessert...

A weekly newsletter helping you launch and grow your startup without juggling around all the BS advice.

Join 250+ other entrepreneurs who receive their weekly dose of fresh discoveries and growth tips in the startup space. Get high-quality data, stories, and case studies that you need to stay up-to-date with your startup.

  • Useful apps, tools, and websites. 
  • Inspiring startup founders in the space. 
  • Expert insights on the latest startup trends and technologies

The Curious Genesis

I’m sick and tired of guides with empty platitudes, SEO fillers, and generic advice. 

Endless paragraphs, thousands of words, and almost zero action items. They reinvent the wheel by rephrasing everything for “SEO purposes.” It’s annoying. 

So I made the one I’ve always been looking for and sharing the tools I am using to build my startup A guide with specific action items and no fluff.

– Farzad Khorsavi (Creator of the NO BS Startup Guide)

What our readers are saying

"Farzad was extremely helpful in thinking through our different outbound sales paths and he even mapped them out in a diagram as we spoke. Tremendous insight and experience made for a very meaningful conversation with him”
Tim Pigott
Founder and CEO |
"Farzad is a genius! He has a special gift for understanding the psychology of business. He is able to explore and define the needs and personalities of leaders and employees and improve their communication and remove barriers that block productivity. I highly recommend Farzad."
Ryan Masterson
CEO and co-founder | Black Hat Web solutions
"Farzad is the best mentor ever! It was clear from the first minutes that he really wants to help and tries to understand the business, the needs and give concrete actionable advice, not just some general tips and recommendations.”
Marta Rogach
Business development manager | Plerdy

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