The exact strategies I used to scale to 10K+ Weekly Impressions on LinkedIn

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I did a post about “How I got on the top of Reddit” quite a while ago in which I shared all the strategies and tools I’m using to grow on Reddit.

Missed it! Check it out here 👇


But today, I want to talk about my all-time favorite platform –  LinkedIn. 


LinkedIn opened doors for some of the craziest opportunities for me. I connected with tons of thought-leaders and got clients from it. 


Building your own personal brand on LinkedIn can help you position yourself as an authority and connect with some of the top leaders in the market. 

More than that, building your brand can help you with any new future ventures or job searches. 


For example, the team at Lemlist is getting 20M+ impressions/month with LinkedIn, and they created a FREE course sharing how they were able to achieve such extraordinary results with LinkedIn.

Probably one of the best courses on personal branding you’ll find: 

Check it out here 👇

How do I create content that helps me Connect and SELL?


If you’re not creating content on LinkedIn, then why are you even on LinkedIn?


And by content, I don’t mean sharing someone else’s post or sharing a post from the internet. 


I’m talking about content that belongs to you, your story, your learnings. Before we jump into how to create content, I want to briefly talk about “Types of content I create” so you can get a better idea. 


The exact content types that increased my post impressions to 10K+ weekly 

1. Text posts: 

Simple yet the most effective posts you can do on LinkedIn. 


Some pro tips: 

  • First sentence is everything. Create a strong HOOK. 
  • Second sentence should get the audience to click the see more button. 
  • Don’t try to write paragraphs and space things out. 

2. Image Posts:

Probably one of my favorites. I’ve had great results by posting a picture of myself and sharing a story or something I’ve learned.

Value-based posts like this also perform really well 👇

Some pro tips: 

  • Stand out in the sea of stock photos and AI images. 
  • Try creating custom images on Canva. 


3. Video posts:

You won’t find many of these on LinkedIn, and my experience with them has been less than impressive. Aim to make your content impactful and eye-catching.


4. Carousel posts:

They take a little bit of time to create but the LinkedIn algorithm loves these carousel posts. 


You can use some carousel templates pre-built in Canva to create these posts. 


Some pro tips: 

  • Hook and graphics matter the most in these types of posts. 
  • Keep it simple, engaging, and use graphics that support the text. 
  • Always add a call-to-action on the last slide of this post.

Check out this LinkedIn growth tool to help you with your LinkedIn growth. Get access to Scheduling, Analytics, 4M+ Viral post library all-in-one tool.

How to Connect with thought-leaders?

There are 2 ways you can do this. 

1. By leaving meaningful comments on their posts. 

2. By sending them a personalized connection request.  


There are some tools available to automate this part for you like phantom buster and LinkedIn helper

I personally use because it helps with lead-gen as well. 


How I SELL my Products/Services: 

I always put a CTA in my posts to encourage people to check out my products/ services/ lead magnets. 


Try not to put your product links inside the posts, as it decreases your post reach, instead, you can post a link to your product in the comment section and pin it.

I also have direct links to my product’s service on my summary, featured section, and bio, so whenever a person visits my profile, they can directly navigate to these links.

I have some more strategies I actively use that I’ll share in the future. 

But these are core strategies that helped me get 10K+ in post impressions/per week 

Follow me on LinkedIn and you’ll see these live.

Hope it helps 🤙


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