Startup side hustles that actually work

Side Hustles that actually work!

Do you know what’s easier than starting a VC-funded startup?

↳ Starting a SIDE HUSTLE

In most cases, you can start earning money within weeks or a month or two. 

So, in today’s newsletter, I’ll walk you through some of the side hustles that I came across recently that require very little to no tech skills. 

Let’s jump in :


Digital products: 

One of the best and easiest side hustles that you can start today. 

Follow this simple 4-step method to create your digital product: 

  1. Find a problem that you’re facing right now. 
  2. Solve the problem on your own. 
  3. Document the solution. 
  4. SELL it. 

Let’s see how I applied this to my No BS Startup Guide

When I was building my startup, I was getting all kinds of Bullshit advice. Guides with thousands of words and almost zero action items (Problem). So I started looking for FREE resources and tools to help me in my startup journey (solution) and curated everything in an easy-to-follow guide (documentation)


Almost all of you have a digital product trapped inside your head. 

Or more likely, in your google drive. 

In my case, it was in my Notion Command Center. 


How to actually SELL your digital products: 

Gumroad: It’s your all-in-one solution for selling digital products, delivering them, and getting paid. No upfront fees but they cut a small amount from every product that you sell. 

Carrd: You can create a landing page for Free. They have a really simple drag-and-drop editor. 

Convertkit: A really good email platform when it comes to selling lead magnets. You can automate almost everything. 

Notion: It offers so much more than a simple PDF or a checklist. You can create really good product templates with Notion and just share the link  


Become a consultant: 

If you’re reading this email then there is a good chance that you have good expertise in an area. You can actually get paid for your knowledge. All you need is a landing page (Carrd), a call-booking service (calendly), a way to get paid (stripe), and boom, you’ve got a consultant business. 

I started my consulting business by turning soft job offers into consulting gigs.


Here is how:

1 – Reach out to people you’ve worked with before (past clients, existing clients, etc). 

In my case, as the Head of CS at Nylas, I told my clients I was leading at Nylas. 

2 – Some of them may express interest in your skills.

3 – Offer them a “trial” period to see how you guys match. 

4 – Turn this trial into a longer engagement. 

Note: Keep in mind that you need to focus the trial on desired outcomes. Figure out what they want, and deliver it to them in record time. 


Rent out a website: 

A creator from LinkedIn shared this idea and it really stood out to me. 

You can create a website for Local businesses like home remodeling, Solar installation (a single job must be above $3000) and rank it on Google. 

You can hire people from Fiverr or Upwork to help you with this. 

Once the website starts getting good traffic and free quotes from people.  

You can either: 

  1. Rent it to businesses that offer that service 
  2. Offer leads to business for a healthy commission. 


Niche newsletter: 

You can create a really niched website and start creating content, blog posts, and videos around that specific niche. Some good examples of these are: (Website on how to save money) (guides and recommendations for coffee professionals) 

You can link this website to a newsletter opt-in page and start building an email list. You can monetize this audience through ads, affiliates and even offering your own product/ service 


Take GIGS on Upwork and Fiverr: 

No matter what you do. Even if you can write, proofread or transcribe, you can find gigs on Upwork and Fiverr for that skill. You can literally teach English to others and make some extra 💸

Note that these side hustles are not your lazy way to riches. 

Some of these are Less effort, Less Money while others are More Effort, More Money. 

You can choose whatever suits you. 

All of these won’t make you a millionaire but can earn you some pretty decent income on the side. 

Have you tried any side hustle recently? Let me know….. 

See you next week 



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