How I got on Top of Reddit and how you can too

Reddit is a GOLDMINE, but most entrepreneurs fail to get the most out of it, and some of them haven’t used it, even once.

Skeptical? By the end of this blog post, you’ll learn my method for achieving viral success on Reddit and the tools I’ve used to do so. 

(Yup! That’s me just chilling on the top of Reddit)

When I first launched my startup guide. I tried promoting it on every platform that you can think of, and I failed 🙁


Until I stumbled upon Reddit. Made my second post and got 50K + Impressions, and 30+ signups on my startup guide.

Pretty crazy. Right? Here more:

Here’re some things that you need to make sure of, if you really want to get on the TOP OF REDDIT 🙂

  • Start contributing to the community, and build up your karma. Most subreddit won’t allow you to post until you have certain karma requirements.
  • Provide tons of useful value. Go overboard. I included almost all the stuff from the free guide in the post.
  • Niche down on your subreddits, and post only in relevant ones.
  • Don’t use Reddit with the intention of getting customers. Contribute, have fun, and when it makes sense, promote.


I made sure to obsessively check the thread & comment so I can reply to everyone individually.

This keeps people engaged and increases the comment number (people look at high comment threads more often). People know I’ll likely reply if they post a question for me.

Here’s a quick breakdown of How I use Reddit to get the maximum out of it and how you can too …

  1. Signup for and Set up keywords for both, to use them to find good communities to post on.

  2. Use to automate scheduling and get analytics on each subreddit

  3. Go to Enter a Subreddit name and find similar subreddits.

  4. Watch this video below to see how I will do it for my no bs startup guide from start to finish.

Hope you found some value in this email and may start using Reddit to its full potential. 

Something’s missing? Share it in the comment. 


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