Cracking the code to startup funding + Ultimate Startup Funding Checklist 

I have launched 3 startups myself, worked with many companies in operations and growth roles, and helped hundreds of founders launch their startups. 

Some startups get great results from their funding campaigns, while others do okay. But most struggle!

Fundraising is difficult. 

But what if I told you there was a better way? A way to use resources and platforms to get the most out of your fundraising efforts?

That’s exactly what I’m going to share today! 

You can get a more detailed document through the “Ultimate Funding Checklist”. It contains actionable tips and resources that will help you prepare the perfect pitch, impress investors, and connect with the right people.

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My 3-Step Process to Fundraising: 


Step 1: Create a Pitch Deck

Your Pitch Deck is the first impression an investor gets of your startup, and you need to make it worth it!

Create a Pitch Deck. Use these databases to look at some amazing pitch decks:

Use Canva or to build your pitch deck. 

Professional services like Slidebean and these people can review and improve your slide deck.

Access all the resources to help you prepare a perfect pitch deck here


Step 2: Find Investors, VCs, and Accelerators

Find investors and VCs through:

VCSheet: Where founders find their investors. Browse curated sheets of VC funds and investors.

Check out some Equity free funds and equity-free accelerators

Unlock more resources and platforms for finding investors. Check out the Ultimate Startup Funding Checklist



Step 3: Start doing outreach

Here are some email templates and my favorite guide for reaching out to investors.


Want more resources and tools to ensure you’re on the right track with your fundraising? The Ultimate Startup Funding Checklist has it all. 

Click here to get it 


So there you have my 3-step process for fundraising. 


Get all of these RIGHT and I’ll guarantee that you’ll start seeing better results with your Fundraising efforts. 


That’s gonna wrap up today’s action section

Hope you found it useful 🤙


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