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"Farzad is a genius! He has a special gift for understanding the psychology of business. He is able to explore and define the needs and personalities of leaders and employees and improve their communication and remove barriers that block productivity. I highly recommend Farzad."
"Farzad was extremely helpful in thinking through our different outbound sales paths and he even mapped them out in a diagram as we spoke. Tremendous insight and experience made for a very meaningful conversation with him. Farzad also sent links to helpful videos and articles. I feel like we have a solid plan now. I highly recommend Farzad as a mentor!"
"Farzad is the best mentor ever! It was clear from the first minutes that he really wants to help and tries to understand the business, the needs and give a concrete actionable advice, not just some general tips and recommendations. I will definitely book another consultation, as Farzad has a lot of knowledge and experience with SaaS growth strategies."
"Farzad was amazing. He absolutely blew me away and went in depth on persona building, intent based outreach and lots of amazing others using a simple framework he developed. I cant wait to apply and do everything we talked about to take action on the valuable insights he provided"

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The Ultimate No BS Startup Checklist and Guide

+30 Reliable Ways to Ideate

Step-by-Step Proven Ways to Validate Your Startup

Launch 3-5x Faster Leveraging a Scientific, First Principled, and Scalable System

Accelerate your Growth With Bulletproof Customer Acquisition Strategies

Scale Your Startup By Hiring The Perfect Team and Building The Best Growth Strategy

"Wow, this no-nonsense, orderly format is so much easier to follow for me (I have ADHD, and hate SEO fillers and fluff! ) and it's like a map for when you want to start doing but just feel overwhelmed in the sea of information...thank you"

No Generic Advice. No Reinventing The Wheel. No Peddling Rehashed Content.

Save +2,000 hours of Research with 400+ Step-by-Step Startup Action Items

What You Get: 400+ Step-by-Step Tasks

You get a Notion Template, free updates forever, and an easy way to track your progress and to-dos. With over 100 filtering options and broken down by activity, stage, and type, you will always know what to do and when.  

Scalable Sales Checklists
Reliable Operational Tasks
Proven Marketing Activities
Product Development
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Execute with Laser-Like Focus

Chapters based on your company stage with dozens of action items in each chapter. 

Extensive Q&A to guide you on each challenge you’re having 

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